Roof Restoration Experts And Roof Repairs Brisbane

roof restoration Brisbane
roof restoration Brisbane

Roof Restoration Experts And Roof Repairs Brisbane

We all want a roof over our heads!

Your roof keeps all the elements out of your home, and at some stage, you will need a roof restoration company to inspect and repair any roof damage you may have.



Our roof restoration team is always busy due to the Brisbane weather.

    Sun – We live in Queensland, and the UV damage from sunlight is extreme.

    Rain: Brisbane has many thunderstorms and hailstorms.

    Wind – With thunderstorms come strong wind gusts.

Changes in temperature will affect your roof.

Hot and cold weather causes expansion and contraction of building materials which can lead to the surface of your roof warping, cracking, disintegrating and colour fading.
Once your roof is damaged, damage to the interior of your home will occur.


When To Get A Roofing Company In

We often realise too late that there is a problem with our roof

Signs to take immediate action are:


There is water coming into your home when it rains

There is damage to the roof, such as a broken tile.
Or your gutters are not coping and allowing water to get in.
Or your downpipes are not draining and is being pushed back below the roofline.


Damp spots or mould on the ceilings and walls

If you live in Brisbane, damp weather can lead to mould and mildew due to poor ventilation or air circulation. Water damage and mould from a leaking roof will occur in one area, and you will also notice damage to the plasterboard as excess water swells and damages the ceiling.
You may not see the water penetrating, but the water damage will continue to spread and weaken the roof until it collapses.


Overflowing or rusted gutters.

Leaking, rusted, damaged or sagging gutters signify that it is time to get a gutter replacement. Water stains or mould in the corners of your roof and walls indicate that your gutters are not functioning as they should.

If your gutters have progressed to the point where they need to be replaced, it's time to hire a professional roofer or plumber to replace the gutters and inspect all downspouts.


Roof Inspections 

It is a good idea that you have your roof inspected at least once a year. Ideally, have it checked by a professional every two years or after major storms. 

Make sure you get photos and reports after each professional inspection so you can compare them each time.

Inspections can even be done with drones, and these are a more accessible and accurate way to check your roof. No one needs to be clambering over your roof.
It is important to detect minor defects and possible water leaks early on. 

Regular roof inspections and quick repairs are quick and easy to fix and prevent significant damage.

Quick repairs can include loose screws and cracked seams on a metal roof or cracks in a shingle roof. If you never go on your roof, you won't discover them until it's too late.


A roof inspection should consist of:


They will closely inspect your roof to see if there is anything that needs to be repaired, including:

  •         Damaged or crumbling cement between roof tiles
  •         Cracked or broken roof tiles
  •         Gaps between Colorbond sheets
  •         Defective capping
  •         Defective flashing
  •         Damage to skylights or solar tubes
  •         Damage to air vents or chimney
  •         Loose or missing screws
  •         Corrosion – Gutters, screws, roof sheets
  •        Blocked gutters and downpipes
  •        Damaged solar panels and connections

If there is damage found, it is also advisable to get estimates from several roofers in your area.

All professional roofing companies should be registered with the QBCC, have adequate insurance and be able to provide references from satisfied customers to ensure you have chosen the right company for your roof restoration or roof repair.


roof inspections



Most jobs that a qualified roofing company can quickly fix are;

  •  Replacement of tiles.
  •  Repointing tile roofs.
  • Gutter repairs or replacement
  • Flashing repair or replacement        
  •  Sealing small holes or leaks in fittings or fixtures.
  •  Checking and fixing skylights and whirlybirds for possible leaks
  • Roof cleaning and gutter cleaning


Ongoing Roof Maintenance

Aside from regular roof inspections, you can do things as a homeowner to prevent roof damage and extend the life of your roof. 

And even if your roof is a few years old, good maintenance will extend its life and prevent you from having to replace it prematurely. 

Here's what you need to do to get the most out of your roof.


Regular Gutter Cleaning

Water stains and moisture damage on roofs around walls and cornices are typical problems caused by clogged gutters. 

When your home's gutters are full of leaves and debris, they will overflow.
The water levels will rise because it has nowhere to go and can be forced back under the eaves and into the roof cavity, where it ends up in the drywall ceiling and wall cavities. 

Repairing both the roof and the damaged gutters can cost thousands of dollars.
You can easily avoid all of this by cleaning your gutters at least once a year.


Tree Pruning To Stop Roof Damage

Tree trimming goes a long way to keeping leaves off your roof and protecting it from potential damage.
The constant friction from branches rubbing against your roof can damage the surface.
Branches will fall during strong wind gusts and when they fall, they not only damage the roof, but they can cause a roof to collapse.

Overhanging branches also allow rodents to access your roof and enter your roof cavity.
In some parts of Brisbane, trees also make it easy for pythons to gain access.
Branches should be 2 metres away from the roof to keep rodents and snakes away.
Pruning branches that hang over the roof may require the use of an arborist.


Remove Mosses And Lichens From Your Roof

While moss may look great in some gardens and landscapes, you should not allow it to grow on your roof.
If left unchecked, moss can damage roofs of all kinds. Here's what happens: moss grows between tiles.
Over time, it expands between the roof tiles and lifts them, allowing water to seep in.
Moss also grows in gutters that are full of wet leaf litter. Over time, the weight and moisture of leaf litter and moss will damage the gutters, causing them to clog and rust. 

If you have a painted roof, moss and lichen will damage the roof coating. So look out for moss and get your roof cleaned.

What Is A Roof Renovation?

A roof restoration is a more cost-effective option than roof replacement and can extend the life of your roof by 10 to 15 years and increase the resale value of your home.

Roof restoration involves thoroughly cleaning the roof and then applying a roof coating or roof paint to the surface of shingle or metal roofs. 

The coating serves several functions: It seals the surface of shingles that have become porous over time while refinishing metal roofs protects the surface from corrosion and rust.

The following roof surfaces are suitable for refurbishment.

  •       Terracotta tiles
  •        Cement tiles
  •        Iron/metal cladding


Advantages Of A Roof Renovation

A renovated roof can give a roof a brand new look. 

There are 32 different colours of roof coatings that can be applied to a roof.
We can instantly make a house look more modern by painting the roof a darker colour. Or we can brighten and lighten the look of a home with a fresh new look.

If you do not want to change the colours of your home's facade, You can choose to use the same colours and make the roof look brighter and cleaner again.

The roof coatings we use also have heat-reflective properties, which also helps to keep your home cooler in the summer. Roof painting is a great way to change the look of your home.

roof painting Brisbane

How Long Does A Roof Renovation Take?

The length of time a roof restoration takes depends mainly on the condition and size of your roof. 

Roofs that don't need significant repairs can be restored in a day, provided the weather conditions are favourable.  Roofs that need significant repairs will need to have a longer time frame while the repairs are completed.

A Roof that is more than ten years old, will almost always require repair work, such as replacing cracked tiles, repointing and replacing flashing. All repairs and cleaning work on the roof must be done before renovation can begin.


Roof Replacement

There are times when no amount of repair or renovation work can save a roof. At some point, you will need a completely new roof.

Here are some signs you will need a new roof.

  •         It is cheaper to replace than to repair
  •         Rotting roof trusses and beams.
  •         Your roof is sagging.
  •         Most roof tiles are brittle or broken.
  •         Significant amounts of corrosion on the roof surface. 
  •         Damage or mould on interior ceilings. 

Brisbane Roof Restoration Company

 We specialise in roof repairs. We use the best materials and expert workmanship for tile roofs. 

These things guarantee a quality repair that can last for the rest of your roof.

So contact our team at Retro Roof, and we can come to your roof, identify any problems and suggest the quickest and most cost-effective way to restore your roof and make your home look great and be weatherproof again.


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