Wedding Hairstyles – How To Wear Your Hair

Wedding Hairstyles – How To Wear Your Hair

How and when to choose your wedding hairstyle?

If you've already begun to arrange your wedding, you know the endless decisions you will have to make about the date, the venue, the guest list, the dress, the flowers, the photographer and hair and makeup!

You have numerous choices available when it comes to how you will look on your big day.

We cannot help you decide on your dress or flowers – But we can give you guidance on everything related to your wedding day hairstyle!

The Wedding Hairstyle Questions that Brides Ask Are:

  •  Do I wear my hair up or down?
  •  How about waves or an elegant chignon? 
  •  Do I choose the veil or the hairstyle first?
  •  Can I do it myself?
  •  What's all the talk on wedding forums about a “hair trial”. How much do they cost and when do I book one?
  • How far in advance should I book the hairstylist?

Take a deep breath. It's all good. When you walk down the aisle, your hair will be perfect.

On your wedding day, you should appear like the most beautiful version of yourself. You want the person you are marrying and your guests to recognise you when you walk down the aisle. 

But more importantly, you want to look and feel your best and appear confident. True beauty is a mix of how you think, how you carry yourself, and what is on the surface.

 If you are a casual person in your routine life who never wears makeup, your wedding day is probably not the moment to channel your inner glamour, girl.

One word of warning, if you already are always glammed up in daily life, this wedding hair experience may make you want to be bigger and bolder. Always think about the wedding photo that you will have on display.

Try And Keep It Timeless

You want to be able to see the photo and not cringe.

Try and keep some elements of your look classic and timeless.

Keep listening to your gut throughout this process. Does this feel right? Does this feel like you? 

Every bride should hear one piece of advice: you do not have to do what other people suggest or want. If you have to pay for it, then it gets to be your choice.

If your parents are footing the bill, you may need to compromise with some aspects, like guests, the venue, or your wedding dress cost.

But don't get talked into hair or makeup that you do not feel comfortable or confident.

Wedding hair style ideas

Choosing Your Wedding Hairstyle 

If you want longer and thicker hair and need hair extensions, get them. 

If you don't want to grow out your short haircut, don't do it and leave your hair the way you like it. 

It isn't about what other people want. It's all about you and your partner on this special day. 

Favourite tips for choosing the perfect wedding hairstyle

Do Your Research And Have Pictures

Before you head to the hair salon, do a little research. There are Instagram, Pinterest boards, magazines and our Hair and Makeup Gold Coast Team can give you great suggestions for your bridal hairstyle.

Check out the celebs you're envious of, or check out their stylists to see their complete portfolios. Don't forget to add magazine pages and favourite red carpet looks to your inspiration board, too. 

Even if you cannot decide exactly what hairstyle, having a list of what you do NOT like is also really helpful.

wedding hair and makeup tips

Ask Around: Find Inspiration

If you've been to a lot of weddings (and they all come in runs when your friends are all getting married), You may have seen a bride or two whose hair particularly caught your eye. Call or message them and ask them how they pulled off the perfect wedding hairstyle. Maybe they'll have some advice on what to try and what to avoid. But again, I would say that the final decision is only up to you because after all, it's your day. 

Book A Trial Appointment

Hair trials are really important. They will typically cost between $100 – $150 and you should book a trial once you have selected your dress and veil.
You don't want to regret the look you've decided on and a trial gives you the chance to work out how your hair, your dress and veil will all work on the day.
For example, let's say you've decided on a dramatic updo, but you realise that it will not work with your length of hair or the type of veil you have chosen.

It's time to find out at your trial appointment- not your big day. Experiment with updos and flow variations. Remember to wear a top with a similar neckline to your dress and bring your veil and any hair jewellery you are planning on wearing.

Be prepared that you may need to rethink your hairstyle plans.

You may need to purchase or borrow hair extensions, get a haircut or book in for colour or treatment to make them look their best.

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Coordinate Your Overall Wedding Style

All the planning you've already done can help you decide your hairstyle for the wedding day. 

The formality of your attire, the choice of venue, and the overall vision of the wedding are great starting points to help you select your wedding hairstyle.  

First and foremost, your hairstyle should complement (not compete with) your dress. 

If you're wearing a chic, modern ensemble like a pantsuit or sculpted gown, ask for an elegant ponytail, an effortless low chignon, or a sleek blowout. 

Brides who prefer a relaxed, beachy or rustic look (such as a lace coat, high-waisted two-piece, or off-the-shoulder boho dress) should wear their hair in loose, natural curls. 

To add extra details, you can weave in braids, small flowers, a flower crown or a delicate headdress, or wear your hair half up so that a few strands frame your face. 

More of a princess bride?
An updo like a timeless chignon, an elegant French twist, or a soft Gibson tuck will show off your dress and help accommodate a long veil.

It will also allow you to easily remove the veil so you can get on and enjoy your wedding reception and have a dance or two!

Bridal Hair Gold Coast

Show Off Your Hair

Glossy, healthy hair always photographs well, but the downside is that if the hair is soo silky, it will not hold as well if you want to wear it down. The good news for those who have naturally straight hair: Straight hair naturally looks shinier, so showing off the texture of your hairstyle is a must. 

Flyaways are the bane of every girl who likes their hair to look smooth.

Gold Coast weather can create havoc with humidity and windy conditions!

If you are a neat freak – choose a hairstyle where your hair can stay tidy.

Curly hair always looks fantastic with a textured hairstyle, whether you opt for loose curls with braids or a slightly messy updo. 

Curly hair can also look dry and brittle, so it is really important to use the right products. We define the curls with a moisturising balm and a little shine serum to increase shine and keep frizz at bay.

Wedding Hairstyles For Your Face Shape

Textures like curls or a cut with wispy ends will soften a face shape

When we part the hair to create a side part, we can easily change the entire forehead size and shape with how we style the hair.

When we style your hair, we like you sitting in front of a mirror so that you can instantly see that slight changes in how your hair is pulled back or draped across your face can immediately change your look!

Longer hairstyles may slim and lengthen your face, while curls, waves, tousled layers or a longer side fringe will make your features softer. 

Bridal hair stylist

Work With Your Hair Length 

 But how do you select wedding hairstyles that fits your hair length? 

If you have medium length hair and dreamed of longer hair, then get those hair extensions to achieve the look of your dreams.

There are tons of romantic, sophisticated, and glamorous options for short-haired brides (even braided hairstyles, if that's what you're looking for). 

A subtly tousled hairstyle with a headband or minimal barrette will give you a look that works for modern, classic and vintage styles.

Short-haired brides will look just as glamourous as a bride with longer hair! And without the headaches!

Those with long locks can have more options, whether it's an updo – a smart choice for summer – or wear their hair down to show off your length? 

We have to remind brides with long hair that they will need a haircut with layers. Long heavy hair will not hold curls or waves.

Think About Your Headdress

Will you be wearing a veil, flower crown, dazzling tiara or other bridal headdresses on your wedding day? 

With the assistance of your professional stylist, find an effective way to attach it to your hair before the morning of your wedding. 

Some veils are challenging to place in the hair if there is no anchor spot for the hair comb to be secured.

Vintage crystal combs are not always easy to secure, and we sometimes have to work a little magic with extra bobby pins to ensure that your piece stays in place.

On the other hand, wavy and curly hair are more suited to hold all hair accessories as it sits around; the hair decoration and pins can be easily disguised.

 Don't forget to check if you like your wedding hairstyle without the accessory or veil if you want to take it off during the night.

Think About The Weather

Our final tip is probably the most important one as the weather can make or break your hairstyle.

Are you planning a summer party at the beach, opt for beachy waves with hair secured off one side of your face. 

There is nothing worse than the wind blowing your hair into your face.

If you can secure one side, you will have some control over how you position your face and how your hair will look.
If you have an outdoor wedding and it will be warm, do you want your hair down or your hair up? 

Do you hate having hair on your neck when you are hot?  Then consider getting married indoors in an aircon or wear your hair up.

Want smooth, sleek hair and your hair is prone to frizz, and you are planning a late spring or summer wedding?
You know it will be humid, and humidity will ruin your sleek hair.

Consider wearing your hair neatly secured, or opt to have a straightening treatment to keep your hair smooth.

Wedding hairstylist

Bridal Hairstyling Expert Tips

Our final tip: Book a hair and makeup team that is experienced with weddings and get in early to book your wedding date with the team you choose.
Each hair and makeup business will run their bookings a little differently and tey will often not take appointments that are more than 12 months away.
Make contact with who you would like to use and then see if your date is available.

Using a mobile hair and makeup team will ensure that you are using professionals who know how to get a bride and the bridesmaids ready on time and with hair and makeup that will last the entire day.

Find your wedding hairstylist on Hair and Makeup Gold Coast.:

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